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"The Museum of Abandoned Secrets" awarded The Best Book of The Year 2010 Prize by Correspondent magazine

Omelyan and Tetyana Antonovych International Foundation Award for Notre Dame d’Ukraine.

Ukrainian National Award the Order of Princess Olha (by Decree of President of Ukraine from January, 16, 2009)

"Field Work In Ukrainian Sex" - the 2008 No.1 best selling book in the "Ye" bookstores

First Prize in Literature by Ukrainian National Women's League of America, Inc. for Notre Dame d'Ukraine

No.72 on the list of Ukraine's Top 100 Most Influential Persons by Correspondent magazine (August 2008)

"Notre Dame d'Ukraine" awarded The Best Book of the Year Prize by Correspondent magazine

"Notre Dame d'Ukraine" wins Grand Prix of the Book of the Year 2007

"Sestro, sestro (Oh Sister, My Sister)" (Praha: Argo, 2006) listed for The Book of the Year 2006 by Lidove noviny (Czech republic)

"Field Work In Ukrainian Sex" named The Most Influential Book For the 15 Years Of Ukraine's Independence (according to a poll held by the "Elit-profie" agency in August 2006)

"Let My People Go: 15 texts on Ukrainian Revolution" awarded The Best Book of the Year Prize for 2005 by "Correspondent" magazine

"A Second Try: Selected Poems" named thе fіnalist of the "BBC Book of The Year" contest.

The book “Oh Sister, My Sister” wins the 2005 library contest held by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine.

The 2004 European Grand Prix For Poetry by the Academy «Orient-Ocident», awarded at the International Festival “Poetry Nights at Curtea d’Arges” (Romania).

The 2004 Milena Jesenska Fellowship in Journalism, awarded by the European Cultural Foundation and the Institute of Human Science in Vienna (Austria).

«Field Work in Ukrainian Sex» named “Ukrainian literary hit #1 since 1991”, according to a poll held by the “Elit-profie” agency and the “Halycki Kontrakty” newspaper (January 2004).

«Оh Sister, My Sister» named as «the best Ukrainian book in fiction of 2003» (awarded by The Board of the National Ukrainian Book Exhibition-Forum in Odessa).

The Bogliasco Foundation 2003 Award in Literature.

Named among Ukraine’s Top Ten Most Influential Women by “Correspondent” magazine (March 2003).

The Writer оf the Year 2002 – awarded by “Knyzhkovyj Svit” Book Fair (Kharkiv) for the book «Shevchenko’s Myth of Ukraine».

John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Grant (the “MacArthur geniuses’ grant”), 2002.

«Field Work In Ukrainian Sex» named among the Ten Best Books of the Decade by Niezavisimaja Gazeta (Russia), December 2001.

To see the full list of winners , click here: http://exlibris.ng.ru/izdat/2001-12-27/1_ten_books.html

«Chronicles of Fortinbras» named “the most resonant book of the Year 2000” by “Knyzhnyk-Review” magazine.

Rockefeller Foundation and Bellagio Center (Italy) 1998 Fellowship in Literature.

1997 Prize by Тhe Ukrainian Women’s Union in America and the Kovalev Foundation for «Extraterrestrial Woman» and «I, Milena».

1997 Global Commitment Poetry Award.

«Field Work in Ukrainian Sex» rated as 1996 Ukrainian Bestseller #1 by “Desiatka” newspaper.

1996 Prize of the Helen Scherban-Lapica Foundation for literary activities in 1991-1995.

“The most renowned person in literature”, according to the journalists’ poll “The Artistic Cream-95”.

Fulbright Fellowship 1994.

The 1994 Prize of the Presidium of the Academy of Arts and Sciences of Ukraine for thе book «Philosophy of the Ukrainian Idea in the European Context: The Ivan Franko Period».